Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is important to the LEAGUE

The Tasmanian Athletic League (TAL) is committed to the privacy of its members and is conscious of the privacy concerns of its members and the people with whom it deals. Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of members’ information is fundamental to the way the TAL operates.

The TAL Privacy Policy has been formulated in accordance with the Australian Privacy Act 1988 - Schedule 3 - National Privacy Principles, and outlines the information the TAL will collect as part of this Association and how we will use that information.

1. About this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines how the Tasmanian Athletic League manages members’ personal information. It also describes generally the sorts of personal information held and for what purposes, and how that information is collected, held, used and disclosed. Our Privacy policy covers all dealings with Tasmanian Athletic League, via our registration information, web site, Affiliated Clubs and the TAL Council.

2. Objects and Purposes of the TAL

The TAL Constitution & Rules, Section 5, states the Objects of the League to be as follows:

“The objects of the League shall be to further the interests of Athletics in Tasmania and, in order to do so, the League shall have all necessary powers (including amongst other powers the power to promote and conduct Sports Meetings and other Sporting and Social activities in Tasmania) and generally to manage, control and supervise the same and for any such objects to affiliate with other bodies controlling athletics whether in Tasmania or elsewhere.”

3. The promotion of Carnival Running in this State is a major function of the League and to that end the publication of athletic photographs and related athlete’s name may periodically be used to gain publicity and promote the sport. No photograph or name will be used without prior consent of the athletes.

4. Information on an individual must be kept up-to-date and accurate

It is in the interest of all members to keep registration information up to date. If we have accurate personal information about all members, it enables the League to provide you with the best possible service. To that end, all members are asked to advise the TAL Secretary if any particulars of their registration alter in any way.

5. Persons must be advised of the reasons for obtaining the information

We collect your personal information to provide you with services associated with membership of the TAL, including a particular product or service, or to contact you with respect to: Carnival particulars, Rule changes and general TAL related information. The personal information includes, names, address, contact information and performance details including results, handicaps, prizemoney won. We may disclose statistical aspects of your personal information for use

Such as:

  • Internal accounting and administration

  • Reporting

  • To enable handicapping at interstate Carnivals

  • Gaining sponsorship support.

6. The information must only be used for the purpose for which it was gathered, without prior consent.

We treat all information we hold about all members as confidential. This applies except where the disclosure of your personal information is: compelled by law - e.g.

  •  Disclosure to the courts under subpoena

  •  In the public interest - e.g. where a complaint is made against you and disclosure is justified.  

  • With your consent

7. You have access to your information

You may access your personal information by contacting the TAL. This access can be used to ensure the information is accurate.

8. We store your personal information securely

We protect any personal information that we hold about you from misuse and loss. We protect your privacy by restricting access to your personal information to those Council members or Officers who need it, either to process information or to provide you with the services you have asked for. Your personal information may be stored in hardcopy documents (registration forms), as electronic data, or in TAL software systems. The TAL maintains physical security over our paperwork and electronic data. We also maintain a computer back up. Personal information which is no longer required will be archived by the TAL and the appropriate record management guidelines adhered to.

9. If information is not provided

The TAL will not accept registration of a runner or Trainer / Coach if the required information is not completed on each individual registration form.


For More Information or to Comment on this Policy Contact:

The Secretary

Tasmanian Athletic League

16 Locket Street
TAS 7315