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First year runners may receive incentives from Sponsors and SCAT to offset registration and entry fees. Click on link below for details.

TAL First Year Runner Incentives Through Sponsorship.pdf


Athletes & Trainer/Coaches - Please be aware of the correct procedures in relation to handicap queries:

  1. Athletes and Trainer / Coaches must request permission from the Steward/s before speaking to the Handicapper/s during the course of a meeting.

  2. The Secretary shall have the handicaps for each event listed on the website and runners have the opportunity to query same by writing or emailing the Secretary who will forward all queries to the Handicapper.

Runners & Trainers Representatives may also be of assistance on carnival days.


Notice for athletes - Social Media

Social Media - It has come to the attention of the Council Executive that a number of athletes have found it necessary to publicly air their grievances through avenues such as Facebook. The TAL is affiliated with Athletics Tasmania and as such athletes, coaches and officials are bound by the policies and regulations of Athletics Tasmania. Therefore athletes should be aware of the below extract from the Athletics Tasmania - Member Protection Policy:

* An athlete has recently been fined and suspended following an outburst on social media. On this occasion the athlete's penalty has been suspended provided they be of good behaviour for a period of 12 months. 

7.7 Anti-Cyber-Bullying Policy

Athletics Tasmania is committed to developing a safe environment where people bound by this Policy act respectfully and positively towards each other in all forms of interaction up to and including internet services such as;

• Email

• Chat Rooms

• Discussion groups

• Instant messaging

• Web pages

• Mobile phone technologies (i.e. SMS)

10. Disciplinary Measures

If an individual or organisation to which this policy applies breaches this policy, one or more forms of discipline may be imposed. These may include making a verbal or written apology, paying a fine, being suspended or de-registered or having a persons appointment or employment terminated. Any disciplinary measure imposed under this policy must:

• Be applied consistent with any contractual and employment rules and requirements;

• Be fair and reasonable;

• Be based on the evidence and information presented and the seriousness of the breach; and

• Be determined in accordance with our Constitution, By Laws, this policy and/or Rules of the sport.