Welcome to the Tasmanian Athletic League Inc website as we move towards season 2016/17.

The TAL promotes the sport of Athletics throughout Tasmania and Australia; in particular, this refers to professional, handicapped foot-racing.

Carnival dates for 2016/17 are:

Nov 19 Launceston, Nov 27 Richmond, Dec 11 PCCCT (Burnie), Dec 17 Rosebery, Dec 27 Latrobe, Dec 29 Devonport, Dec 30 Devonport, Jan 01 Burnie, Jan 08 Hobart, Jan 14 Central Coast (Penguin), Jan 21 St Helens

For information about the carnivals please see "Carnival details" under "Documents & Forms". Please ensure that you are aware of the closing dates for entries for each carnival.


TAL Long Jump Championship - Long jump events will be held at the Launceston, Central Coast & St Helens carnivals. See 'Long Jump Championship' page for details and entry.


The popular Nu-Gen events have been extended for season 2016/17 and will be conducted at the Devonport, Burnie and Hobart carnivals. Entries close on 20th December. See the 'Nu-Gen Events' page for details and entry. 


XXXX15 - Deon Kenzie - 3b - 2016 Team processing.jpg

Congratulations Deon Kenzie on winning a silver medal in the Men's 1500 m T38 at the 2016 Rio Paralympics.


Australian Athletic Confederation Awards 2015/16

Congratulations to our following nominees for winning the National awards:

Lilly Castle - Female Sprint Athlete of the Year;

Tim Potter - Veteran Athlete of the Year;

Burnie Athletic Club - Carnival of the Year.


The Burnie Athletic Club is celebrating its 130th anniversary and is seeking donations of memorabilia - see "Clubs" page for further information.










2016 Burnie Gift won by John Howe

2013 Stawell Gift winner - Andrew Robinson

Photo courtesy of Steve Robinson

Andrew Robinson - Stawell 2013.jpg


2016 Burnie Women's Gift winner, Lilly Castle